La Lune - Brave Japhet Ndamukunda

Since 2021, at Eagle View Lodge, Brave Japhet Ndamukunda opened his first gallery called “La Lune”, where he exhibit his works and lead painting workshops for young and old.

Brave Japhet Ndamukunda

Brave Japhet Ndamukunda is a Rwandan-born fashion designer who is passionate about the world of fashion as well as painting and interior design.

After 3 years of training in tailoring he began working in the fashion industry in 2018. This experience is very enriching for him but he feels like a vital need to create differently and in parallel to sewing. It is then naturally that he adds painting to his main activity as a fashion designer.

In his brush strokes Brave Japhet Ndamukunda works between the imaginary and the real. Color is his mode of expression. The form, the line, the material are all at the service of a colorful harmony. It is sometimes light, translucent, energetic, powerful, deep, diaphanous, but always poetic.

Inspired by the Art newly movement, hyperrealism and portrait painting it is not uncommon to find one of these references in his works and great names such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci or Mike Dargas also add to his inspirations.

In 2021, at Eagle View Lodge in Kigali, he opened his first gallery called “La Lune” where he exhibit his works and lead painting workshops for young and old.

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Brave Japhet Ndamukunda / La-Lune


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